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Are you looking for a natural pepperoni?  Marisa Premium Quality Natural Pepperoni has no nitrites added.  Furthermore, it contains NO MSG, NO additives and NO preservatives.  Our sliced pepperoni has an Old World flavor and appearance, with a little heat and a deep red color.  And you won’t find pools of orange grease on your pizza after pulling it from the oven.  It’s simply delicious!

MFG ITEM #101108

14/16 count

1/25# bulk case pack

New & Improved Marisa Brand Chicken Italian Sausage!!!

Marisa Foods introduces our Red Pepper & Basil Chicken Italian Sausage.  Our savory new sausage is made from lean skinless chicken, fresh basil, garlic, roasted red peppers and a splash of red burgundy wine.  This will be a great addition to your healthy menu selections…  or for any recipe that requires a perfectly seasoned , delicious sausage!  Comes in bulk or 4/1 sausage links.  Available November 1, 2009.

Marisa Foods Sets World Record for Largest Meatball

In September, Marisa Foods, in conjunction with ABC’s the Jimmy Kimmel show, produced the world’s largest meatball.  The
all-beef meatball was made using the same ingredients normally used for Marisa Brand Italian style meatballs, and took nearly thirty hours to fully cook. It weighed in at 198.6 pounds and was awarded a Guinness World Record. The meatball made its debut on Jimmy Kimmel’s show on Thursday, September 24.  See the video below.