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Marisa Foods Deli Meats

Whether you're making one sandwich or a thousand, Marisa Premium Quality Deli Meats can't be beat for leanness and taste. Unlike many mass-produced luncheon meats, our meats contain only quality lean pork & beef. And our proprietary spice blends create a refined taste, one unmatched by other producers, a taste guaranteed to round out your cold-cut platters, sandwiches, or antipasto salads. So increase your bottom line—add Marisa Quality Deli Meats to your menu.


  • Only the finest lean pork & boneless beef used.
  • Unique spice blends for all deli meats are proprietary to Marisa Foods.
  • All meats produced weekly to ensure maximum freshness.
  • All lunch meats have a 4-inch diameter for easy slicing (dry salami has a 2-inch diameter).
  • Our wine-cured dry salami is aged over 20 days.
  • All Marisa Premium Quality Deli Meats are an excellent value
    when compared to national brands.


100045 Mortadella 10 lbs. 4/10# case
100047 Mortadella 5 lbs. 8/5# case
100041 Cotto Salami 10 lbs. 4/10# case
100040 Cotto Salami 5 lbs. 8/5# case
100161 Genoa Salami approx. 3.5 lbs 8/3# case
100162 Dry Salami approx. 3 lbs. 4/3# case
101958 Antipasto Salad 5 lb-vacuum pack bag 2/5# case
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