Marisa Foods Meatballs

Having trouble acquiring return customers? Our meatballs are a proven success in hundreds of restaurants and delis around the Southland. Marisa Premium Quality Meatballs contain a distinctive blend of spices, fresh onions and parsley (we only use fresh produce in our meatballs). Fully-cooked for your safety and convenience, our meatballs are oven-roasted—never fried or boiled—to give you a unique home-cooked taste, unmatched by other processors. Available in a variety of sizes. Try them in sandwiches, pasta dishes, hors d'oeuvres, or as a pizza topping. Your customers will thank you—again and again.



  • Oven-baked, not water or oil cooked.
  • Authentic homemade taste.
  • Finest quality ingredients used: lean pork and beef, fresh produce, aged Romano cheese.
  • No preservatives or MSG used.
  • Distinctive spice blend for unique taste.
  • Custom meatball processing also available.
100053 Italian Style (Pork) 1/2-ounce 2/5# bags
100055 Italian Style (Pork) 1-ounce 2/5# bags
100054 Italian Style (Pork) 1 1/2-ounce 2/5# bags
100056 Italian Style (Pork) 2-ounce 2/5# bags
100062 Cooked Meatball Topping N/A 2/5# bags
100059 Beef & Pork 1-ounce 2/5# bags
100058 Beef & Pork 2-ounce 2/5# bags
100033 Jumbo Beef & Pork 3-ounce 2/5# bags
100542 Beef & Pork with Cheese 1 1/2-ounce 2/5# bags
100227 All-Beef 1-ounce 2/5# bags
102156 All-Beef Vince’s Kitchen Value Meatball 1/2-ounce 2/5# bags
102157 All-Beef Vince’s Kitchen Value Meatball 1-ounce 2/5# bags
102158 All-Beef Vince’s Kitchen Value Meatball 2-ounce 2/5# bags
102170 Asian Chicken Meatball 1/2-ounce 3/2# bags
100057 Raw Meatball Mix N/A 4/10# bags
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