Marisa Foods Meatballs

Pepperoni is a staple for your Italian restaurant or pizzeria, but not all pepperoni is the same. Unlike many other brands, Marisa Premium Quality Pepperoni has an Old World taste and look. We use only the best quality meats and natural spices—no oily colorings that run off onto your pizzas giving them an artificial look. Great for adding zest to your omelets, salads, eggs, wraps, or soups. Also try our deli pepperoni—a definite must for your deli case. For quality you can taste and see, try Marisa Premium Quality Pepperoni.


  • Old World taste and look.
  • Proprietary process enables char-proof characteristic.
  • Only the finest quality lean pork and boneless beef used.
  • Unique Marisa Foods spice blend with NO MSG.
  • Superior color, taste, and product definition.


100101 Whole Deli Style 10# box
100102 Stick Pepperoni Approx 50#
100103 Sliced (14-16 count) 25# case
100104 Sliced (14-16 count) 5# case
100105 Stick Pepperoni, 5-pack Approx 10#
100112 Sliced (14-16 count) 2/5# bags
100122 Sliced, Thick (9-11 count) 2/5# bags
101108 NATURAL, Sliced (14-16 count) 25# case
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