Pizza Topping
Marisa Foods Pizza Topping

Our praiseworthy Italian sausage is also available as a pizza topping. Yet pizza toppings aren't just for pizza anymore; they are a fantastic addition to your soups, salads, omelets, scrambles, and wraps. This is a profitable, easy-to-use product, worthy of your most imaginative recipes and notable for its distinguished flavor and texture.


  • Unparalleled taste and texture.
  • No preservatives or MSG used.
  • Made only with the finest lean pork and quality spices.
  • Pre-blended spices are proprietary to Marisa Foods.
  • All Marisa Brand toppings are produced fresh, and then quick frozen to maximize freshness.
  • Convenient, safe, and easy-to-use.


100060 Vince’s Kitchen Pizza Topping 1/10# case
100061 Cooked Sausage Topping (Crumble) 1/10# case
100624 Cooked Sausage Topping (Large Crumble) 1/10# case
100159 Sliced Sausage for Pizza 1/10# case
100062 Cooked Meatball Topping 2/5# bags
101045 Texas Chorizo Cooked Crumble 1/10# case
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